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Talaq (Divorce)
Is Talaq (Divorce) allowed in Islam? How difficult is Talaq (Divorce) in Islam? 
Yes, it is quite easy and it does not require any law suites
2. Is Talaq (Divorce) desirable in Islam?
  No, it is the only Halal (Lawful) act that is disliked by Allah (God) and His last Rasul (Messenger) Muhammad S
3. How does Talaq (Divorce) take place in Muslims?
  There is a specific method of divorce, defined by the Holy Qur-an
4. Is there any specific procedure of Talaq (Divorce) in Islam?
  It is defined by the Holy Qur-an in Surah al-Baqrah (The Cow) 2:226-230
5. How does a Muslim give Talaq (Divorce) to his wife?
  By pronouncing Talaq (Divorce) over the duration of three menses of his wife.
6.  If Talaq (Divorce) is as simple as saying this word three times over a period of time without any legal litigations, then the divorce rate among Muslims must be very high.

No, to the contrary it is among the lowest in the world, despite of the simplicity of its procedure

7. Is the verbal pronouncement of Talaq (Divorce) sufficient?

Yes, if pronounced over a period of three menses

8. Does the verbal pronouncement of Talaq (Divorce) terminate the marriage instantaneously?
  Yes, but after a period of three menses have passed
9. Can the feuding couple still live as a married couple after the verbal pronouncement of Talaq (Divorce)?

Yes, after the first pronouncement of Talaq (Divorce), they can iron out their differences and live together as man and wife, but after three pronouncements of Talaq (Divorce) over a period of three menses they cannot live together.

10. What if a compromise is reached between the estranged couple within a month of the first utterance of the intent to Talaq (Divorce)?

Yes, they can live together as man and wife

11.  Can the feuding couple still resolve their differences even after two pronouncements of Talaq (Divorce)?

Yes, they still have another month to iron out their differences

12. Why do the feuding couple has to wait for three months for their Talaq (Divorce)?

Because it is commanded by Allah (God) in the Holy Qur-an

13. Can a disputing couple seek help from an arbitrator or a counselor?
14. Who is preferred for arbitration between the feuding couple?
  Family members of the couple (The Qur-an Surah an-Nisa” 4:35)
15. Because of the ease in its procedure, can Talaq (Divorce) be taken lightly to have fun with one’s wife?
  No, it should never be used for fun
16. Can Muslim women divorce their husbands too?