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Questions you asked
Mirza Danish Beg
Dubai (UAE)

Aslaam o Alaikum warahmatullahe wa barkatuhu

Could you please let me know how to do or go for ISTIKHARA (consulting Allah for the right choice)?


Brother Danish, Assalamu Alaykum

Thanks for writing to us. I am sorry for the delay in writing back to you. Istikharah is a Nafl Salah that is offered when some one needs guidance from Allah Subhanau Ta'ala to resolve a problem.

This Salah can be offered any time that is suitable for offering Salah. Any part of the day or night except at the time of sunrise, zawal and sunset when no Salah can be offered. Istikharah Salah is offered like any other two Rak'ah Nafl Salah.
A du'a is recited after this Salah:
On the authority of Jabir Ibn 'Abdullah R he said: 'The Prophet S would instruct us to pray for guidance in all of our concerns, just as he would teach us a chapter from the Qur-an. He S  would say 'If any of you intends to undertake a matter then let him pray two supererogatory units (two Rak’ah Naafilah) of prayer and after which he should supplicate:
Al-Bukhari 7/162.
It means: Allah I seek good from Your Knowledge and I seek blessing from You that is in Your Power, because You control everything and I control none. You know everything and I know nothing and You know everything that is hidden. Alah! if you feel that what I seek is good for me in this world and the hereafter then please grant it to me by making it easy for me and also destine it for me and if You feel that this work is not good for me in this world and the hereafter, then keep me away from it and grant me good whereever I may get it and make me content with it.
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Thanking you once again,

Editorial Board

Charles Daniels
I have a lot of questions, but i will start with the most direct. In America, how can a man Become a Muslim and study without joining the Nation Of Islam?

Dear Brother Charles Daniels, Assalamu Alaykum

Thanks for visiting our website www.islam4theworld.com and writing to us. May God reward you for your search of the Truth.

I will try to answer your query via this email. As you know, by the Grace of God, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA as well as the entire world - because of its utmost simplicity and the Ultimate Truth it represents.

Muslims believe that like everything else in the universe, every child is also born by the will of God and is totally submissive to it, making every newborn a Muslim. (A saying of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad S).

One of the meanings of Islam is - total submission to God. Muslims follow the course God has set for them. They take a detour only because of the environment they growing in. God has given usintellect for choosing the Right Path and through His Messengers(Prophets) He has also told us about the right and wrong.

Islam is the last of the Divine religions that came after Christianity and Judaism.
Islam is the simplest religion and Accepting it (Reverting back to it) does not require any religious ceremony or paraphernalia. You have already taken the biggest step towards it, by making up your mind for it. May Allah reward you for it.

To accept Islam one must sincerely believe in the Oneness of God andMuhammad (Peace be upon him) as His last Messenger.

This basic Islamic belief is articulated by reciting Shahadah: La Ilaaha Illallaah, Muhammadur Rasool Allaah. (No one else is worthy of worship but God and Muhammad is His Messenger).

Arabic word for God is Allah, and is a more befitting one as it isgenderless and cannot be made into a plural.

The fundamental Islamic belief rejects all deities and accepts Only One God. Muslims follow His Guidance brought to mankind by His last Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him), in all walks of their lives.

After reciting Shahadah, begin learning the traditions of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) to follow the way of life that is liked by God.

Please contact your nearest (Mainstream) Islamic center (I am not talking about the center you had mentioned in your communique). Use this link on our website to find the nearest Islamic center near you: http://www.islam4theworld.com/cyberummah/usa/indexausa.htm

Please write back to me if you are unable to locate one. Also if you can give me your telephonic contact numbers and a convenient time to contact you, I can also help you recite Shahadah over the phone, if you allow me to.

[I had spent quite a bit of time (two decades) in the USA and I am fully aware of the questions that arise while living there (in the mid-west).

Questions that ask for the purpose of one's life and existence etc. Islam also means Peace.You will be God Willing (InshaAllah) be at peace with yourself and your near and dear ones, once you begin living according to the simple to follow Islamic principles.]

Also, try to read the Holy Qur-an at the following link: For the English meanings of Arabic verses of the Quranvisit:http://www.quran4theworld.com/translations/Hilali/hilali.htm(www.quran4theworld.com is a sister site).

You can learn the pronunciation of Arabic verses of the Qur-an at:

Here you will get a quick playing audio file for each verse of the Qur-an.

Read it alongwith the English transliteration of the Arabic verse andInshaAllah you would be on your way to benefit from the immense Ultimatewisdom of the Qur-an.

You can also begin reading biographies of Muhammad (Peace be upon him),the last Messenger of Allah:

http://www.islam4theworld.com/Sirah/sirah.htm Basic questions about Islam are answered at:

and http://www.islam4theworld.com/discover_islam/discover_islam.htm

Please don't hesitate in contacting me for any question.

Sincerely yours

Editorial Board

(Praying for you)

Aishath Husnu
I saw in an article that some of the verses in the quran contradicts the m.science. like the earth being like a bed, sun setting in a muddy place in the earth, bones developing before the flesh etc etc, i hope you provide me with some guidance. may Allah forgive you.

Dear brother Aishath Husnu, Assalamu Alaykum
Thanks for visiting our website www.islam4theworld.com and writing to us.
Islam is the only religion in this world that accurately deals with a multitude of scientific facts in its Holy Book – the Qur-an.
Islam commands us to acquire ‘knowledge’. Its very first revelation asked for it.

Most of us do not even know about the contributions of Muslims to the modern sciences. We have begun a small section on the subject for the benefit of our visitors.
www.islam4theworld.com\contribution_muslims\contribution_of_muslims.htm Returning to your mail, I want to remind you that it is highly illogical and irrational to even attempt to gauge the limitless Wisdom of Allah (God), the Sole Creator of everything from the shallow human perspective. Muslims should not even have the slightest doubt on the Omnipotence of Allah – the Sole Creator and Cherisher of this universe.

However, for the benefit of non-believers and those Muslims who want to answer the non-believers, we want to report that the Holy Qur-an has a multitude of scientific facts which accurately mentions scientific knowledge that was non existent in those times.

Dr. Maurice Bucaille, chief of the surgical clinic at the University of Paris. Although he is associated with two medical eponyms, he is now more known for his interest in religion, particularly Islam and the Koran.
In 1976, after ten years of study, Bucaille addressed the French Academy of Medicine on science and the Koran, concerning the existence in the Koran of certain statements on physiology and reproduction. According to Bucaille, the Koran describes scientific phenomena long before modern scientists rediscovered them. Also in 1976, he published La Bible, le Coran et la science, in which he analyses the scriptures in the light of modern scientific knowledge. The book became enormously popular and has been translated into several languages.

Many articles on the subject are already put on our website.
To answer your so called ‘contradiction’ on the embryonic development, I have this to say:
Recently, a noted embryologist Keith L. Moore commenting on various stages of the formation of the embryo from the mixing of the male and female gametes up to the embryo’s full development, said "It has been a pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the Qur-an about Human Development. It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from God or Allah because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later."
Professor Keith L. Moore has presented his findings on embryological development to the scientific community at several international conferences and. He was widely published in various Canadian and international periodicals and journals and lectures were also televised for a broader audience, highlighting the exact match of modern scientific finding with revelations of the Qur-an made 1,400 years ago. When asked: "Does this mean that you believe that the Qur-an is the word of God?” He replied "I find no difficulty in accepting this."

He modified his own textbook on the subject, after he researched the accuracy of the Qur-anic descriptions and the detailed terminology used for the various stages of the development of the embryo. WB Saunders published this book in 1987 under the title ‘The Developing Human: Clinically oriented embryology with Islamic additions’. This book is a standard university textbook in the United States and several other parts of the world in medical schools. Besides the relevant passages of the Qur-an, this book also contains pertinent Ahadith (Sayings of Muhammad S). Professor Moore has not only adopted the terminology and categorization used in the above two sources, but he is advocating adopting them for the study of embryology.

Please visit www.islam4theworld.com\quran\quran&science\quran_science.htm for more details.

I hope that this satisfies your query. Please do get back to us in case you have any question.

Also visit our sister website www.quran4theworld.com dedicated towards developing a better understanding of the Holy Qur-an – the Ultimate Book of Guidance for mankind.

Thanks once again for your interest in the True religion of Allah. May Allah reward you for it.

Please remember us in your dua.

Editorial Board

Can Sensoylu

Why do science and religion always having contradiction.Instead of contructing ships and submarines, people would prostray and worship God for disrupting oceans in order to pass oceans.

Dear Brother Can Sensoylu, Assalamu Alaykum

Thanks for visiting our website www.islam4theworld.com and writing to us. Islam is the most rational religion of all times, that is why it has survived in its original form after more than 1500 years of existance as compared to other 'Divine' religions that have been diluted so much that their original face or form does not exist any more.

I will quote from my article "The Qur-an & Science":
"The knowledge of science, we have acquired so far is very little in comparison to what we have yet to discover. Most of the scientific theories have a relatively short life and are being continuously replaced by newer ones. The textbooks and curricula can hardly cope with the perpetually changing scientific data...

It is highly illogical and irrational to even attempt to gauge the limitless Wisdom of Allah (God) from the shallow human perspective. However, it seems fitting to bring to the notice of believers and non-believers alike, some of the most remarkable things in the Holy Qur-an dealing with science...
Here, I would like to clarify one more point. To the contrary of the popular misconception of Islam not in agreement with the modern sciences; Islam is a rational religion and is always in complete agreement with rational scientific knowledge...
Unlike Christianity, Islam has always been appreciative of the scientific studies. To the amazement of many, the latest discoveries of science confirm what Qur-an had mentioned 1,400 years ago. With a background provided by these scientific theories, it has become easier especially for the skeptics, to understand several portions of the Qur-anic text and to prove the divine origin the Qur-an....
I consider it quite appropriate to reproduce a few quotations from contemporary eminent scientific personalities about some of the scientific phenomenon recently uncovered by the scientific community that the Holy Qur-an contained 1,200 years ago.

Dr. Maurice Bucaille, a famous French surgeon addressed the French Academy of Medicine in the year 1976. In his presentation he pointed out that the scientific data available in the Qur-an completely agrees with the existing knowledge of modern science. Explaining his ten year long study on the subject, he wondered, "Our knowledge of these disciplines is such, that it is impossible to explain how a text produced at the time of the Qur-an could have contained ideas that have only been discovered in modern times".

Please visit http://www.islam4theworld.com/quran/quran&science/quran_science.htm 
for more articles on the Qur-an and Science.

Now to return to your original question: Why did Allah, the Creator of everything in this universe) ask Ibrahim AlayhisSalam (Abraham), mortal, to construct His house?
Well, it does not contradict science in any which way – moreover we should remember that Allah has the Ultimate Wisdom.
Allah mentions in the Holy Qur-an :
"And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone)." (51:56)
Allah created humans for the sole purpose of worshipping Him.

Ka'bah is the first house of the worship of Allah. Allah commanded His slave Ibrahim A (Abraham) to construct it as a symbolic House of Allah. As we all know, it serves as a direction for prayers to unite Muslims throughout the world in their most important obligation.
I hope this satisfies your query.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further question or explanation. If I cant find an answer to your questions, InshaAllah I will get the answers from the ‘Ulama” (Religious Scholars) of
Department of Islamic Affairs & Awqaf, Government of Sharjah.

Editorial Board

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