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Sulayman A (Solomon)

Sulayman A (Solomon) was the son of Dawud A (David). Both, father and son, were Rusul (Messengers) of Allah (God).
Sulayman A (Solomon) was known and respected for his wisdom even in his boyhood.

Allah (God) had gifted him with complete understanding of languages of insects, birds and animals. Sulayman A (Solomon) always thanked Allah (God) for bestowing wisdom and wealth upon him. He always thanked Allah (God) and always remembered Him. He knew well and reminded himself that everything comes from Allah (God).

This was the exact Message that he preached to his people. He told them to thank Allah (God) for every breath they take and all His blessings that they have in terms of possessions. He also told them to be on the Path of Allah (God) and do things that are liked by Him.

Once, Sulayman A (Solomon) and his soldiers were passing through a valley which was home to some colony of ants. Sulayman A (Solomon), who was riding ahead of his army, heard an ant warning other ants to get away from that area as quickly as possible and find a safe area for hiding because Sulayman A (Solomon) and his army is coming. That ant told others that they will trample on us and not even realize what have they done.
Sulayman A (Solomon), of course, was able to understand the ants’ language. He laughed and ordered his soldiers to stay still and wait until all the ants had crawled away to safety. Then he prayed to Allah: O Allah, help me in doing the right things so that You will be contented with me. One day, Sulayman A (Solomon) called all the birds to gather round him, but as he glanced through the flock, he noticed that the Hoopoe bird was not there. Sulayman A (Solomon) waited for some time, and just as he was deciding not to wait any longer, the Hoopoe suddenly came flying in and sat himself down next to Sulayman A (Solomon) . I have come from a far-away city called Saba, the Hoopoe said. The people there are very rich and they have a Queen who sits on a magnificent throne. These people worship the sun and believe that hey are right to treat the sun as God. But they are wrong, are they not? They will never find the right way to Allah if they go on like that. Allah is the only One Whom all creatures should worship. Sulayman A (Solomon) then wrote a letter to the Queen of Saba and sent the Hoopoe to take it to her. When the Queen of Saba received the letter, she called all the wise men of the city to her. I have received a letter from Sulayman A (Solomon) , said the Queen. In it, Sulayman A (Solomon) writes that we should believe in Allah and worship only Him. What would you advise me to do? We are very powerful and can make war against Sulayman A (Solomon) , but you have to decide yourself what is to be done, the wise men answered. But a war could cause destruction to our city, and our best warriors will turn into cruel fighters, the Queen protested. Therefore, I would prefer not to make war. Instead, I will send Sulayman A (Solomon) a present. When the messengers of the Queen of Saba arrived with the present, they were very surprised because Sulayman A (Solomon) became very angry. Why do you bring me these riches instead of listening to my advice? Sulayman A (Solomon) scolded. What Allah has given me is much better than all these riches. Go to your Queen and take her presents with you! When she heard the Sulayman A (Solomon) had refused her valuable gifts, the Queen of Saba, in her turn, was surprised. So, she decided to go to see Sulayman A (Solomon) for herself. She called her people and made preparations for the journey to Sulayman A (Solomon) ’s city. When the Queen arrived, Sulayman A (Solomon) explained to her about Allah and she realized how wrong she had been to worship the sum. You are right, she told Sulayman A (Solomon) , from now on, I shall worship only Allah. He is our only Lord and we should obey only Him.

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