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Salih A

A was a Rasul (Messenger) whom Allah (God) had sent to the Thamud tribe. People of Thamud tribe were prosperous people and were technically advanced for their times.
People of
Thamud tribe
had succeeded the 'Ad tribe that was destroyed by Allah (God) for their evil ways. Allah (God) had earlier sent Shu'ayb A to 'Ad tribe.

And remember when He made you successors after 'Ad (people) and gave you habitations in the land, you build yourself palaces in plains, and carve out homes in the mountains. So remember the graces (bestowed upon you) from Allah, and do not go about making mischief on earth."
Surah (Chapter) Al-A'raf (The Heights) The Qur-an 7:74

amud tribe
was an advanced agricultural community. They had aprawling gardens and lush green fields that were irrigated by springs. People of Thamud tribe made beautiful homes in mountains and huge palacial places in the valleys that stood firm in their territories.

And green crops (fields) and date-palms with soft spadix.
"And you hew out in the montains, houses with great skill.
Surah (Chapter) Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) The Qur-an 26:148,149

The people of Thamud tribe were ruled by evil men, who took the innumerable bounties from Allah (God) for granted. They became disloyal to their Only Creator, Provider and Sunstainer and began worshipping idols.

And there were in the city nine men(from the sons of
their chiefs), who made mischief in the land, and
would not reform.
(Chapter) An-Naml (The Ants) The Qur-an 27:48

Most people of Thamud tribe did not listen to Salih A and only a few followed him. He told them to fear Allah (God) and follow him as he was His Rasul (Messenger) who was specifically sent to them for guiding them to the Right Path.

Thamud (people) belied the Messengers.
When their brother Salih said to them:
"Will you not fear Allah and obey Him?
"I am a trustworthy Messenger to you.
"So fear Allah, keep your duty to Him, and obey me.
Surah (Chapter) Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets) The Qur-an 26:141-144

They made fun of
A and told him that he was not a Messenger from Allah (God), but either a liar or he has gone crazy; because he was just another man from among them.
And they said: "A man, alone among us-shall we follow him?
Truly then we should be in error and distress (or madness)!"
"Is it that the reminder is sent him [Prophet Salih A] alone from
among us? Nay, he is an insolent liar!"
(Chapter) Al-Qamar (The Moon) The Qur-an 54:24,25

A tried to reason with them tbut they did not listen to him. They challenged him to ask Allah (God) to show a miracle so that theu can believe in Him. They wanted Allah (God) to produce a she-camel from a rock.
Allah (God) produced a she-camel out of that rock.

And to Thamud (people, We sent) their brother Salih. He said: "O my peopl! Worship Allah! You have no other Ilah (God) but Him. (La ilaha illallah: none has the right to be worshipped but Allah). Indeed there has come to you a clear sign (the miracle of the coming out of a huge she-camel from the midst of a rock) from your Lord. This she-camel of Allah is sign unto you; so you leave her to graze in Allah's earth, and touch her not with harm, lest a painful torment would seize you.
Surah (Chapter) Al-A'raf (The Heights) The Qur-an 7:73

The non-believers among the
people of Thamud tribe did not listen to the direct warning from Allah (God) and killed the she-camel that was miraculouslt sent to them.

So they killed the she-camel and insolently defied the Commandment of their Lord, and said: "O Salih! Bring about your threats if you are indeed one of the Messengers (of Allah)."
Surah (Chapter) Al-A'raf (The Heights) The Qur-an 7:77

people of Thamud tribe invited the Wrath of Allah (God) upon themselves. Allah (God) caused a powerful earthquake that destroyed and killed all the mischievious people among the Thamud tribe.
"So cause a piece of the heaven to fall on us, if you are the truthful!"
Surah (Chapter) Al-A'raf (The
) The Qur-an 7:78
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