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Al-Yasa' A (Elisha)

Name of Al-Yasa' A (Elisha), a Rasul (Messenger) of Allah (God) is mentioned at two places in the Holy Qur-an.

And remember Isma'il (Ishmael), Al-Yasa' (Elisha) and Dhul-kifl
(Isaiah), all are among the best.

Surah (Chapter) Sad (The Alphabet Sad) The Qur-an 38:48

And Zakariya (Zachariah), and Yahya (John) and 'Isa (Jesus) and
Iliyas (Elias), each of them was the righteous.
And Isma'il A (Ishmael) and Al-Yasa' (Elisha) and Yunus (Jonah)
and Lut (Lot), and each of them We preferred above the 'Alamin
[mankind and jinn (of their times)].
And also some of their fathers and progeny and brethren, We
chose them and We guided them to the Straight Path.

Surah (Chapter) Al- An'am (The Cattle) The Qur-an 6:85-87

Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) was the cousin and spiritual successor of the Prophet Iliyas A (Elias).

It is said that one day Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) was ploughing his fields when liyas A (Elias) passed from the area. Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) stopped ploughing and began following liyas A (Elias).
liyas A (Elias) asked Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) for the reason of leaving his work? Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) requested liyas A (Elias) to stay with him for a while. He slaughtered his ox and cooked the beef for liyas A (Elias) and his companions. He was very pleased for his hospitality.
Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) requested liyas A (Elias) that he wanted to serve him for the rest of his life. liyas A (Elias) made and asked to accompnay him.
When liyas A (Elias) was on his death-bed, he asked Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) whether he wished anything. Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) told him to make Du'a (Supplication) for him that Allah (God) may bestow blessings upon him as He has blessed liyas A (Elias).
liyas A (Elias) made Du'a (Supplication) for him that Allah (God) appoint Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) as his successor. Allah (God) granted his wish and made Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) as His Rasul (Messenger) after the death of liyas A (Elias).

liyas A (Elias) went around preaching the Message of Allah (God). He came across a community that was starving because of a severe drought. Their land had become barren for lack of water. Al-Yasa' A (Elisha) made Du'a (Supplication) to Allah (God) to show His Mercy to those famine-stricken people. Allah (God) answered his prayers and made that area fertile once again.

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