The Five Pillars of Islam

Suhel Farooq Khan


Salah (Prayers)
Place and Direction of Salah (Prayers)

Islam is the simplest of all religions and it poses no inconvenience in leading life according to its principle or practicing its rituals.
Athough a Masjid (Mosque) is the formal place for offering Salah (Prayers), a Muslim can offer Salah (Prayers) anywhere.
There is a Hadith (Saying of Muhammad S) that the entire earth is made for Muslims a Masjid (Mosque).

Muslims can offer Salah (Prayers) any clean place, but it is highly desirable to offer Salah (Prayers) in a Masjid (Mosque). Few conditions apply on selcting a place for offering Salah (Prayers) if one is away from a Masjid (Mosque).
alah (Prayers) can be offered at any place that is clean.
One cannot offer Salah (Prayers) on dirty, filthy, or impure place like a garbage dump, a cattleshed etc.
alah (Prayers) should not be offered at a place where the person offering Salah (Prayers) may get disturbed or disturb others, like a pavement.
Similarly Salah (Prayers) should not be offered at a place where the person offering Salah (Prayers) may be in danger or put others in danger. Offering Salah (Prayers) on the roof of the Ka’bah is forbidden.
Muslims are forbidden to offer Salah (Prayers) on top of graves.

Muslims allover the world face towards the Ka’bah for offering Salah (Prayers). This direction of offering Salah (Prayers) is called Qiblah. Muslims can also offer Salah (Prayers) in their homes, if there is no Masjid (Mosque) close to their homes or they cannot travel to it for any genuine reason. Offering Salah (Prayers) in a Masjid (Mosque) cannot be ignored just for convenience.

Muslim ladies also offer Salah (Prayers) in various Masajid (Mosques). The tradition continues in most parts of the world. In certain parts of the world, due to ignorance, restrictions are placed on women offering Salah (Prayers). Ladies usually offer their Salah (Prayers) in a segregated area of the Masjid (Mosque). Muslim ladies usually offer their Salah (Prayers) behind men, in most Islamic centers or Masajid (Mosques) in the West.

Non-Muslims are always welcome in Masajid (Mosques). Visitors with questions on Islam are always welcome in Islamic centers or Masajid (Mosques) for their answers.


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