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Five days of Hajj (Pilgrimage to the Ka'bah)
Suhel Farooq Khan

First Day of Hajj - 8th of Dhul Hijjah

This day is known as
Yaumut Tarwiyah.

1. The pilgrims put on Ihram.

2. They declare the Niyah (intention) of performing the Hajj.

3. They do Tawaf (Walk around) Ka’bah.

4. They perform Sa’i (Running between the hills of Safa and Marwah)

5. They leave for Mina early in the morning, reciting Talbiyah.

6. They stay overnight in Mina

Second Day of Hajj - 9th of Dhul Hijjah 
This day is known as Yaumul Wuquf, or the Day of Standing.

1. The pilgrims go to ‘Arafat.

2. They perform Zuhr Salah (Early Afternoon Prayers) and ‘Asr Salah (Late Afternoon Prayers) together, in a shortened form (Qasr) at ‘Arafat.

3. Pilgrims stand there with devotion, till sunset, praying and asking Allah’s forgiveness. This is known as Wuquf or standing.

4. In the evening the pilgrims go to Muzdalifah and offer shortened Maghrib Salah (Sunset Prayers) and ‘Isha Salah (Night Prayers) prayer together.

5. They rest there at the night, and collect small pebbles for stoning the Jimar in Mina

Third day of Hajj – 10th of Dhul Hijjah 
This is called Yaumun Nahr, the day of sacrifice. 

1.  They go to Mina and throw small pebbles or stones the large Jamratul 'Aqaba (Stone pillar Symbolizing Satan situated in the back).

2.  After stoning, they offer sacrifice.

3.  They return to Makkah and perform the Tawaf (if they have not performed the Sa’i on 8th of Dhul Hijjah, then perform the Sa’i also). Then return to Mina and make sacrifice by slaughtering the animal.

4.  They trim the hair or shave the head.

Fourth day of Hajj – 11th Dhul Hijjah 
This and the next two days are called Ayyamut Tashriq, which literally means the days of the drying of meat. 

1.  The pilgrims stay at Mina

2.  They perform Rami by throwing pebbles at all three Jimar.

Fifth Day – 12th of Dhul Hijjah

1.  Stay at Mina and throw pebbles at all three Jimar.

2.  Return the same day to Makkah

3.  Perform Tawaf Ka’bah.

4.  Drink water of Zamzam.


This completes the Hajj rites.

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