Suhel Farooq Khan


Basic Beliefs of Islam
or The Components of
Shahadah (Faith)

There are six basic beliefs of Islam.
These six beliefs are also called the components of Shahadah (Faith). Muslims believe in all of the six components of Shahadah (Faith). Anyone who does not believe in all of the fundamental components of Shahadah (Faith) cannot be a Muslim.

    1. Belief in Allah (God) including all of His Sifat (Attributes).
    2. Belief in all Books of Allah (God), and Qur-an as His Final Message.
    3. Belief in all Rusul (Messengers) of Allah (God), and a belief that Muhammad S was His last Rasul (Messenger)
    4. Belief in al-Qadr (Destiny)
    5. Belief in Mala”ikah (Angels)
    6. Belief in Akhirah (Life after Death)

These six basic beliefs of Islam, come as a package. One has to believe in all of them and cannot pick and choose from them.


Beliefs of Islam

1. Allah
2. Mala"ikah
3. Books
4. Rusul
5. Akhirah
6. Al Qadr

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