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  Du'a (Supplication)



Du’a is asking for something from Allah (God). We must ask for everything from Allah (God) alone whether big or small. No one else in this universe is capable of granting even the tiniest little wish. One can make aDu’a (Supplication) to Allah (God) in any language one wishes.

Du’a (Supplication) is an integral part of Salah (Prayer).

Surah (Chapter) al-Fatihah (The Opening) is also a Du’a (Supplication) that Allah (God) has taught us. It must be recited in every Rak’ah (Unit) of every Salah (Prayer).

There are specificDu’a (Supplication) for ending theSalah (Prayer) and those must be recited in Arabic.

plays a very important role in the life of a Muslim.


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